Closet Organization Checklist

To get started, go through your closets one at a time and pack or throw away anything you haven’t used in four months. Pay special attention to the closets in the Master Bedroom. This is an area that buyers inspect, so it’s a good idea to appear spacious, neat and organized. The more organized you appear to be, the more the buyer will view the house as taken care of.

Use this Closet Organization Checklist to guide you through this process.


  • Pack away anything you have not used or worn in four months. For most of us, it’s about 80% of our wardrobe. Think ahead in terms of weather and special events but overall this should not be hard to do.
  • Group by item starting with shirts, blouses, jackets, skirts and lastly pants. If your closet is a walk-in, pants should be in the back. Separate the “His” and “Hers” sections.
  • Within each item category, arrange by color.
  • Make sure each item is facing the same direction.
  • Organize shoes preferably in a rack on the floor.
  • Clear off and pack away anything on the top of the closet shelf.
  • Organize any “loose” items, such as belts and scarves, in matching boxes or baskets on the top of the closet.
  • Consider buying inexpensive hat boxes for accessories to add a little drama.
  • Consider buying wood hangers OR matching hangers.
  • Consider buying a closet organizer, which can be very appealing to buyers.
  • Finally, since closets usually don’t have any natural light, make sure your artificial light is extra bright by replacing the bulbs and cleaning the fixtures.

Remember, preparing your home to sell is a process that takes time but will net you thousands in return!