Open House Checklist

Curb Appeal:

  • Park cars down the street and away from driveway and front of house in order to give buyers clear picture of home
  • Remove any front lawn debris, toys, trash cans, pet debris, etc.
  • Garage doors down and front door wide open (weather permitting)
  • Set out “Emotional Connection Points”


  • Quickly go through home and pick up any extraneous items (toys, clothes, etc.)
  • Turn ON every light in the home
  • Open all blinds and window coverings for maximum light (unless there are privacy or view issues)
  • Spray and wipe bathroom and kitchen counters
  • Vacuum high traffic areas
  • Fluff couch pillows, place throw strategically, and organize coffee table
  • Fire in fireplace, if appropriate
  • Close TV cabinet doors
  • Turn on interior lights in china cabinet or shelves
  • Set out dress towels in bathroom
  • Toilet seats down
  • Fluff beds and pillows in all bedrooms
  • Keep music on low (use TV cable in order to keep uniform in every room)
  • Always have fresh flowers on hand during home selling months and place them throughout home (particularly in bathrooms and bedrooms)
  • Bake cookies for guests and offer with lemonade or coffee
  • Open windows, if weather is appropriate
  • All ceiling fans should be on low
  • All exterior house doors should be open
  • Walk-in Closet doors open
  • Set out “Emotional Connection Points” in each room
  • Remove any pets, pet dishes, or litter boxes
  • Empty all garbage cans