Shopping for Green Furniture

What is green furniture?

Furniture that is produced with low emissions, recycled materials, and with sustainability in mind.

Why should I buy green furniture?

Many believe that the process of manufacturing traditional furniture releases harmful emissions into the atmosphere and depletes natural resources.

Where should I go to buy green furniture?

The greenest furniture is furniture that is recycled, so shop for vintage or antique pieces instead of buying new. Best places for recycled furniture are second-hand and antique shops, as well as yard sales. Another great option is websites like Craigslist and Ebay.

What should I look for when shopping for new green furniture?

  • Greenguard Certification ensuring low toxicity
  • Bamboo furniture and fabrics
  • Recycled metals and plastics
  • Durable and sustainable furniture
  • Natural, untreated, or organic fabric
  • Solution dyed fabrics or no dye
  • Sustainable Certified Wood or reclaimed woods
  • Avoid exotic woods unless certified
Paige Earles, Owner of Pearle Staging and Design

Paige Earles, Owner of Pearle Staging & Design

What is the traditional manufacturing process for furniture?

Traditional furniture manufacturing requires processes that contribute to harmful emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the factory, as well as in your home. These processes require a lot of glues, finishes, paints and stains, and flame-retardant chemicals. Another concern is the effect on the earth’s trees, which are a vitally important part of our ecosystems. Oftentimes, trees are harvested in ways that are harmful to the earth; depleting species and disrupting ecosystems.