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Paige Earles, Owner of Pearle Staging and Design

Paige Earles, Owner of Pearle Staging and Design

Pearle Staging & Design, LLC is committed to being a valuable resource for successfully selling your listings in the shortest amount of time and for the best price possible. Statistics clearly show that Professionally Staging a home has a dramatic impact on the home’s marketability and its’ appeal to homebuyers. To fully maximize the potential and buyer appeal for your listing inventory, Pearle Staging & Design has developed a Staging Partnership Plan for Real Estate Agents, which addresses these common Home Staging challenges:

Challenge #1 – How to educate the Seller on the benefits of using a Professional Home Stager

Challenge #2 – How to successfully incorporate a partnership with a Professional Home Stager into your business

Our Staging Partnership Plan for Real Estate Agents focuses on these 3 key elements:

  1. Inside Marketing (Home Staging) – Maximizing the home’s appeal to buyers
  2. Outside Marketing – Online marketing of staged homes to maximize exposure and traffic to your listings
  3. Pricing – Pricing your listings to sell

Pearle Staging & Design, LLC provides valuable services that can easily be incorporated into your business, and which will help you not only attract more clients, but also help you sell the homes in your listing inventory in a shorter amount of time while also maximizing the sales price.