Pearle Staging and Design can meet all your design needs, whether you’re starting from scratch in a newly built home, freshening up a well-loved room, or anything in between. Click on the highlighted titles for detailed information about Pearle’s array of services.

Interior Decorating

Your residence is where you spend most of your time, and you want it to be comfortable and a reflection of you. But sometimes you don’t know how to put all of it together to be a warm and welcoming place. That’s where our interior decorating services come in.

Our interior decorating offerings include a vast array of superior services. We can rearrange, modernize, upgrade or organize your space, using things you already have or completely new items. We have sources for high-quality furniture, accessories, lighting, window treatments and artwork, and we will help you find pieces that will reflect your personality and lifestyle – while at the same time taking away the stress and pressure of decorating.

Interior Redesign

Interior redesign uses what you already have in your home and transforms the space into something completely new. But there are times that you can use your own big-ticket items — such as furniture — as a foundation in interior redesign, but the added touches that finish off a room need to be brought in from the outside. That is another one of our myriad interior redesign services: we use our contacts to help you select and purchase artwork, window treatments, lighting, floor coverings and other accessories that will warm up your room. Knowing how to tie it all in together is what makes the room really have that finished look.

A la Carte Solutions

Pearle Staging & Design is not limited to full-service staging and design. Independent services such as personal shopping, closet design, home reorganization and more can also be contracted.